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Links to Amnesty International 2007 Annual Report

(21/06/2007) Read the Amnesty International 2007 Annual Report online in English, French, Spanish, Russian or Arabic. read more

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World Refugee Day 2007

(20/06/2007) On World Refugee Day 2007, Amnesty International stands in solidarity with refugees around the world from countries such as Afghanistan, Burundi, Iraq, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Sudan who are awaiting a solution to their plight and sometimes have been for generations. read more

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Three major human rights tests for EU Justice and Home Affairs Council

(11/06/2007) Amnesty International hopes that tomorrow's JHA Council will not shy away from confronting a number of urgent issues that put EU human rights commitments to the test. read more


Annual Report: Human Rights and the EU

(23/05/2007) Despite the continuing deadlock over the EU’s institutional reform, it was in many ways business as usual in most spheres of EU activity, including human rights. On the side of external relations, this presented a familiar picture with progress and positive results in various domains, while many problems remained as intractable as before. read more