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EU should press Russia to improve human rights problems

(24/05/2006) The EU should remind the Russian Federation of its human rights responsibilities, says Amnesty International on the eve of the EU-Russia Summit. In a briefing sent to the Austrian Presidency, the human rights organization has presented a list of concerns that should be addressed at the Summit. read more

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Amnesty International report 2006 exposes human rights deficit in Europe

(23/05/2006) 2005 was an uncomfortable year for the European Union, says Amnesty International on the day it publishes its annual report on the state of human rights in the world (Version française également disponible). read more

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EU-Latin America and Caribbean Summit: Protect Human Rights Defenders

(10/05/2006) The fate of those who risk their lives to promote human rights should be a prime concern of the EU-Latin America and Caribbean Summit, says Amnesty International. The government representatives meeting tomorrow in Vienna face a disturbing record: there have been more killings of human rights defenders in this region than anywhere else in the world (Version española disponible). read more

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EU-Russia: step up human rights concerns

(16/03/2006) Russia’s deteriorating human rights record must be addressed by the EU, says Amnesty International, as President Barroso prepares to meet with Vladimir Putin in Moscow to define a new strategic partnership with Russia. As Russia's role in the international community grows, through the presidency of the G8 and as the future chair of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, it is even more important that Russia makes significant steps in improving its human rights record. read more