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Roma discrimination in Europe: a new report

(16/11/2006) Discrimination against Roma persists in various forms in several European countries. read more

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New EU force must not repeat SFOR mistakes

(12/07/2004) As European Union foreign ministers prepare to adopt guidelines today for the new EU military operation (to be known as "ALTHEA") in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which will take over from the NATO-led SFOR, Amnesty International warns the EU to learn from SFOR’s shortcomings. - version également disponible en français - read more

Croatia: Briefing to the United Nations Committee against Torture

(28/05/2004) Amnesty International Report "Croatia: Briefing to the United Nations Committee against Torture" (AI index EUR 64/001/2004) read more

Croatia: Implement recommendations to prevent torture

(28/05/2004) Amnesty International today called on the Croatian authorities to immediately implement the recommendations of the United Nations (UN) Committee against Torture (CAT) which were issued on 14 May 2004, after the CAT considered Croatia's third periodic report read more