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Role of human rights concerns in EU-Libya relations

(03/08/2007) Letter to Ms Ferrero Waldner on EU-Libya relations read more

EU force Chad Focus sheet

(30/07/2007) Grave conflict-related violations and abuses of human rights and international ... read more

GAERC discussion of possible EU force in Chad

(23/07/2007) Letter to Dr. Marques Amado at the occasion of the GAERC discussion of possible EU force in ... read more


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One Year after Politkovskaya's Murder: Where Is Russia Heading and What Is the EU's Position?

(03/10/2007) One year after Anna Politkovskaya's murder, the human rights situation in Russia remains bleak. Journalists continue to risk their lives, civil society is openly curtailed and torture and disappearances remain common, particularly in the Northern Caucasus. read more


Amnesty International reaction to nomination of EU counter-terrorism coordinator

(19/09/2007) On the day that the EU has nominated a new counter-terrorism coordinator, Amnesty International recalls that one vital ingredient is still missing from EU policies. In the six years since 9/11, the EU has yet to come to terms with the fact that the way in which the fight against terrorism has been conducted has had serious human rights implications. read more


EU-Ukraine Summit: Raise Human Rights Deficiencies

(14/09/2007) Torture, racism and violence against women are key human rights problems in Ukraine which Amnesty International urges the EU to raise at today’s Summit. read more