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Visit of Sudanese President Bashir to Italy on 14 September

(13/09/2007) The human rights situation in Sudan continues to be one of the most pressing humanitarian crises in the world today, and one to which the international community has failed for far too long to provide an effective response. read more

Indian helicopters for Myanmar (Burma)

(16/07/2007) EU non-governmental organisations are concerned at reports from credible sources that the Government of India may transfer military helicopters to the Government of Myanmar (Burma) as part of the two countries’ increasing military co-operation. read more

Indian helicopters for Myanmar: making a mockery of the EU arms embargo?

(16/07/2007) Letter to Dr. Amado concerning the Indian helicopter delivery to Myanmar read more

AI contribution to EU-Africa strategy

(17/04/2007) AI contribution to EU-Africa strategy read more

European Union: Stopping the Trade in the Tools of Torture

(27/02/2007) At a time when the use of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment  remains widespread in many countries and has even been justified as part of the “war on terror”, governments of the European Union (EU) have made a commitment to prevent the trade in what may broadly be described as “tools of torture”. However, the EU
commitment is not yet strong enough to adequately prevent this trade. read more

EU Presidency of Kimberley process

(22/01/2007) In 2007, the European Union holds the Presidency of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. To date, this mechanism that was created to eliminate conflict diamonds from the diamond trade has not been enforced effectively enough, and conflict diamonds are still in circulation, as the new film ‘Blood Diamond’ highlights. read more