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Letter to Dr. Marques Amado, President of the Council of Ministers of the European Union

(03/07/2007) At the occasion of the EU-Brazil Summit, the recent promises from the European Commision on the eve of the Portuguese Presidency of the EU, to put human rights at the forefront of a strengthened co-operation with Brazil, are very welcome. read more

Amnesty International EU Office recommendations to Portuguese presidency

(26/06/2007) The ambitions and ambivalence of EU human rights policy Amnesty International’s ten-point programme for the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union read more

Open letter to Heads of State and Government of the European Union to ban CIA renditions

(18/06/2007) One year ago, Amnesty International addressed an open call to the European Council to ban the unlawful practice of rendition by which individuals have been illegally detained and secretly flown to third countries where they have been subjected to torture and disappearance. read more

Letter to Dr. Steinmeier on United Nations death penalty resolution

(15/06/2007) In light of the forthcoming discussions in the Political and Security Committee (12 June), and the General Affairs and External Relations Council (18 June) on a possible EU draft United Nations’ resolution on the death penalty, Amnesty International would like to highlight two key elements that we deem essential for a successful outcome of such an endeavour. read more

Letter to Dr. Steinmeier on EU strategy for central Asia

(15/06/2007) Read the recommendations on EU strategy for Central Asia that Amnesty International makes to Dr. Steinmeier in this letter. read more

Letter to Ms. Zypries, President of the Justice and Home Affairs Council

(11/06/2007) JHA Council on 12-13 June: Proposal for a Council Framework Decision on certain procedural rights in criminal proceedings throughout the EU read more