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Letter to JHA Council on Iraqi refugees

(18/04/2007) Letter to JHA Council on Iraqi refugees read more

Letter to Mr. Zypries, president of the Justice and Home Affairs Council

(13/04/2007) JHA Council on 19-20 April - Proposal for a Council Framework Decision on certain procedural rights in criminal proceedings throughout the European Union, DROIPEN 76 of 22 December 2006 read more

Israel/Lebanon - Under fire: Hizbullah's attacks on Northern Israel

(14/09/2006) During the recent 34-day war between Hizbullah and Israel in which both sides committed serious violations of international humanitarian law, Hizbullah's rocket attacks on Northern Israel amounted to deliberate attacks on civilians and civilian objects. read more

Human Rights concerns during the Lebanon-Israeli conflict

(11/09/2006) Presentation to the Human Rights Subcommittee of the European Parliament
by Dick Oosting, Director, Amnesty International EU Office
11 September 2006 read more

Lebanon: Letter to EU Council about lack of action by UN Security Council

(04/08/2006) Further to the appeal to the special meeting of the General Affairs Council earlier this week on the situation in Lebanon and Israel, Amnesty International is now addressing the EU to press the UN Security Council to take immediate measures to protect civilians in both countries. Link to the letter to the UN Security council: Open Letter to the UN Security Council read more

AI's Secretary General Irene Khan sends letter to the GAEC Meeting of 1 August 2006

(03/08/2006) Amnesty International urges the Foreign Ministers of the European Union to take immediate action to end war crimes and human rights violations committed by both sides in the ongoing armed conflict between Israel and Hizbullah. read more