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LGBT Rights in Poland and Latvia

(15/11/2006) The lack of respect, protection and promotion of the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons is still an area for concern in several European Union (EU) countries. Amnesty International is concerned that in Poland, the rights to freedom of expression and assembly are not fully guaranteed, and that leading public figures have made homophobic statements. Amnesty International is also concerned that in Latvia, the rights to freedom of assembly and expression are not fully guaranteed. read more

Eu-Russia Summit: Amnesty International presents human rights concerns to be raised at the Summit

(24/05/2006) Amnesty International holds the view that the country occupying the chairmanship should exhibit exemplary co-operation with the bodies of the Council of Europe and respect for its obligations as a member state. read more

Belarus: tightening the screws on dissent - Media briefing

(15/03/2006) Ahead of presidential elections in Belarus scheduled for 19 March 2006, the authorities are delivering another assault on human rights. Opposition activists are being detained and sentenced for the legitimate expression of their political views while the authorities have tightened up legislation to clamp down on civil society, stifling human rights in the process. read more

Human Rights challenges in EU-Russian relations

(14/03/2006) Amnesty International believes that the EU can be an important catalyst to improve the Russian human rights record, but that the EU can also send the wrong message if it does not convey its concerns in a consistent way. read more

Amnesty International’s concerns regarding an EU list of safe countries of origin

(14/02/2006) In view of the forthcoming discussions, at the 21-22 February 2006 JHA Council, about the possible adoption of a common EU list of safe countries of origin, Amnesty International recapitulates its concerns as to the potentially far-reaching consequences of such a list on the principle of non-refoulement. read more

Torture and Ill-treatment in Ukraine

(01/12/2005) Amnesty International is concerned that torture and ill-treatment at the hands of the police is widespread in Ukraine. read more