Amnesty International European Union Office
Rue d'Arlon 39-41 B-1000 Brussels
Tel: 32-2-5021499 Fax: 32-2-5025686

Dick Oosting
Tel: 32-2-5482761

Press Officer: 
Joana Gomes Cardoso 
Tel: 32-2-5482773 
Executive Officer (Common Foreign and Security Policy/External Relations):
David Nichols
Tel: 32-2-5482777 
Executive Officer (Common Foreign and Security Policy/External Relations): 
Susi Dennison
Tel: 32-2-5482765 
Executive Officer (Justice and Home Affairs): 
Kris Pollet
Tel: 32-2-5482772 

Executive Officer (Legal Affairs/Human Rights in the EU):   
Natacha Kazatchkine 
Tel: 32-2-5482763 

Policy Officer:
Natalia Alonso
Tel: 32-2-5482764 
Planning Coordinator: 
Victoria Russell
Tel: 32-2-5482766
Administration and Finance Officer:
Albert Gans
Tel: 32-2-5482762

Administration and IT Officer:
Bruno Maes
Tel: 32-2-5482771